Hassle-free Real Estate Investment with Your Solo 401k Through Mortgage Notes and Trust Deed Investment

Eliminate the hassles of rental property investments through mortgage notes or trust deed investment using an individual’s retirement account.

trust deed investment
trust deed investment

We don’t know what it takes to become a landlord of a rental home unless we become one. You can learn from long time landlords or property managers about their experiences in running a rental property but are you ready to take the tasks and the processes involved if you have your own rental property to manage? If you don’t see yourself doing stressful tasks of dealing with tenants who sometimes could be difficult people, repairing and maintaining rental homes or buildings, and other things that are required in this kind of investment, then it would be best to consider mortgage notes or trust deed investment.

If your aim in rental property investment is to earn from monthly payments as income for your Solo 401k, in mortgage notes or trust deed investing, you could also achieve the same without the hassles involved. When you make trust deed investments, you lend money to the borrower in exchange for a promissory note that is backed up by a trust deed. This becomes the collateral for the loan and makes you the beneficiary of the property in the event that the borrower fails to make payments to the loan which leads to foreclosure. All these paper investments are legal documents that provide you with peace of mind.

Trust deed investment is a hassle-free real estate investment that allows you to earn stream of income in a monthly basis and recoup your initial investment when the agreement reach its end. It is also more convenient for a lender as there is a trustee involved to meddle in behalf of the lender in case the obligation of the borrower is not fulfilled. Though you as the lender should take necessary actions to protect your investment, the trustee’s task is to make sure that you get your money back even if it leads to the selling of the property.

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