Solo 401k Investors: Concentrate on Your Business While Earning Passive Income for Your Retirement Plan through Trust Deeds Investing

trust deeds investing
trust deeds investing

A Solo 401k account holder qualified for this kind of retirement plan because of being a small business owner without any fulltime employee to help him run his business except his spouse. This means that a Solo 401k owner is a busy individual who works almost by himself to grow his business. Retirement investing could be an extra work that could somehow interfere with his actual business, that is why it is essential if the investment he would use for his retirement account could be the passive type, like trust deeds investingWe highly recommend Sense Financial when setting up self directed IRAs and Solo 401k.

Compared to investing in rental properties, investing in trust deed is much easier and practical for a busy individual. Firstly, the trust deed is supported by a promissory note which alone is has a strong legal binding enough to confidently receive payments from the debtor. Receiving monthly payments which includes an interest that is higher-than-market is undeniably good source of income for your retirement account.

Busy small business owners and Solo 401k investors need not to sacrifice time away from their business because passive income for your retirement account can be obtained through trust deeds investing

Secondly, there is no need to learn even the basic landlord skills or property management because you don’t need to deal with tenants. In trust deed investing, an expert consultant could be enough to teach you the basics and legal aspects of this kind of investment. Your consultant could help you connect with quality trust deed providers you can deal with.

Moreover, trust deeds investing are secured because real estate property is used as the collateral of the borrower and even if the borrower defaults, the risk involved is not going to ruin your retirement portfolio. The trustee will always come in if the loan leads to foreclosure and will be ready to seize the collateral in behalf of you in order to protect your investment. You see, there is no need to exert time away from your bread and butter because you can grow your retirement savings effectively through trust deeds and a good advice from a professional.

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