Securing Your Retirement Using Solo 401k with Trust Deed Investments

Trust deed investments allow you to earn monthly income on your retirement account while securing your initial investments.

Couple signing trust deed investments documents
trust deed investments

Real estate investment using an individual’s Solo 401k retirement plan or self employed IRA is becoming more popular these days especially that the real estate industry is showing a very promising future in terms of retirement income. Investing in real estate like trust deed investments are attracting retirement investors because of the benefits it provides to secure one’s retirement. If you are not familiar on how trust deed investing works, you might get confused on how to invest in such because it is completely different to how rental properties work, though both could provide monthly earnings to your retirement account.

In rental properties, you can have a secured monthly income when you have good paying tenants who at the same time take good care of your property as if it is their own. Same goes in trust deed investment because you can have secured monthly income for your Solo 401k retirement account from the agreed monthly payment and interest rate reflected on the promissory note that the borrower issued which is based on the loan amount. Since the property of your borrower is the one they used as collateral, your investment is secured because as long as they can, they would never want to lose their hard earned property.

Make the most out of your trust deed investments and have the peace of mind by consulting with the professionals

In the event that your borrower fails to pay you on time, late charges or penalties could apply. If worst comes to worst and the borrower could no longer make payments and satisfy the debt, you could take legal actions and bring the matter to the court (if necessary) or recover the remaining amount of debt by forcing the sale of the property and collect the amount from the proceeds to cover the debts. Trust deed investments is secure and low risk compared to other types of investment, but if you want to get the most out of this kind of real estate investment, consulting a professional mortgage loan broker is the best thing to do.

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